Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Locating Good Pics of Tattoos - Where Are They At?

The truth is that there are tons of good pics of tattoos on the internet. The sad part is that most guys and girls will never find 10% of them. Why does this happen? Because we rely too much on search engines, which don't pull up very many quality tattoo galleries. Here is a better alternative, which should help you locate a slew of good pics of tattoos and the hidden galleries that have them.

If you like generic artwork, then search engines will be your best friend. You can find millions of nine year old cookie cutter designs for your tastes. That's about all they are good for, though. All of the tattoo galleries nowadays are just copying each other. They all seem to have the same generic pics of tattoos and they don't put any thought into what they throw on their pages.

They even post tons of artwork that was not even meant to be used as a real tattoo! That's the scary part. So many galleries have stopped putting up real pics of tattoos, and instead are throwing up anything that looks half way decent. This artwork was not specifically drawn for implementation into a real tattoo. It's sad because men and women will pick this type of design on run to get it inked. They are in for a pretty big surprise, because the finished product isn't going to look anywhere near as good and crisp as it looked on the piece of paper they printed the design on.

Ok, enough of that mess. Let's talk about how you can find quality pics of tattoos and tons of the hidden galleries that search engines don't show you...

The way to do this is by using internet forums. It's the ultimate tool for finding out where so many other tattoo hunters are locating the quality artwork for their tattoo. If you want to find great pics of tattoos, forums are filled with topics revolving around the subject of tattoo artwork. You have many, many people sharing links to the superb galleries they have found over the years. It's as simple as that.

No matter where you end up looking for pics of tattoos, just make sure you don't settle for anything less than what you truly want.

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