Monday, May 3, 2010

britney spears tattoo on the neck

The Hebrew characters drawn at the britney spears tattoo on the neck “new life” in that language. However, the pop princess had it made out of order which lead other people to think that it is now “meaningless”. It is said that britney spears tattoo on the neck addiction is one of her ways to burst out all of her emotions not aside from clubbing.

Before she entered the rehabilitation center, she had added a tattoo cross on her hips which is colored pink. And on her wrists were some lips too. It was said that while she was inside the rehab, she tried of going out so that she could have another set of tattooing done.

It seems as if this young pop star is invincible because of her so many body arts. But reports have said that she is hurting badly whenever she is having one made on her body. Tattoo artists who design for her said that she is hurting so bad to the point of screaming and tossing out of the bed because of the pain. They also added that she is emotionally distraught and is acting weirdly while she is being tattooed.

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