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short tattoo

short tattoo funky tattoos design tattoo design funky tattoo
In today's world, there are many people who have tattoos. There are wonderful, some go all around the body. They tell the complete story. Now, what is becoming quite popular is its emphasis on the letter. Tattoos that have one or two letters or numbers that popular. This seems to make them more personal and different.

short tattoo funky tattoos design tattoo design funky tattooshort tattoo funky tattoos design tattoo design funky tattoo

a simple letter can be great for people who really can not make their minds to what they want. Tattoos like this short and sweet.

short tattoo funky tattoos design tattoo design funky tattooshort tattoo funky tattoos design tattoo design funky tattoo

Many people rely on a favorite Bible verse. One that has significance for them. Or they may take a quote from a favorite book. Be careful with the quote though. They can be long and do not read well on the skin. Other people may want the letters that symbolize the feelings or emotions.

Once you decide to get a tattoo on yourself, the next step is to select the font. Yes, the font, as you find on a computer or typewriter. This shows the print style you want. There is an array of them to choose from. Some like the old world font type, others like the script, or calligraphy. A favorite bit of Gothic, Medieval and Old English. There is also a font available in several languages, German, Korean, Arabic, etc. Whatever you choose must fit with what you want.

Once you decide on the style and colors you like, all that is left is for you to make a final decision about what the initials or phrase you actually want on your body. Keep it short; letter tattoos usually consist of only a few letters, not the whole story. Go only two rows. It would read better on your arm, or wherever you are finished. As you age, your ambitions and views will change. You must make sure that whatever you get will reflect who you are twenty years from now. You do not want to shame all the way with something that sounded cute at the time.

Whatever you do, if you have a vague idea of going forward and get something done with the initials of one lover, maybe you better think again. Once the tattoo is there, it's there. You may not be together in six months. End the relationship, even marriage. Do you really want your ex's name on you forever? Although the laser can remove it, it's just not a good idea. Not only for your own welfare, but you will be reminded of new blackmail every time they see you. This is something to think about.

One form of tattoo letters that have become popular and is way better idea is symmetrical ambigram tattoos. They said the same thing at the right side and upside down. Or maybe ambigram asymmetrical, they say something different to read upside down. They can be mysterious to the reader. Are you using one of trendy designs or come up with something on your own, let reflects who you are, and be careful of what was said. As long as you do both, you'll be fine.

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