Friday, October 9, 2009

Body Piercing - Which Are the Highly Preferred Body Piercing Places For Jewelry

Ear piercing is a common thing today, little girls and boys want their ears pieced so they can wear earrings to look better. However, the latest rage catching on the young adults is body piercing. You will find them getting their body pierced in places where you would not have imagined at their age. It is high fashion and also necessary to be adopted in a certain group. Moreover, body piercing means a subtle expression of independence and confidence for this generation.

Here are some of the most favored placed for piercing by this generation:

• The Nose: Nose is pierced to wear nose rings. These can vary from small studs to rings that create a loop on the nose. It is common in India and its neighboring countries. Piercing the nose brings out a definite change in the look of a face. It adds some amount of sensuality to the face. It also adds more mystified look, glamour and character to the face. Girls with prominent nose as well as those with a small nose can use these to look chic and pretty. There are a great many designs available in nose piercing jewelry, these range from the very inexpensive studs to quite expensive jewelry stuff like the diamond nose studs and gold ones.

• Labret: Labret piercing is another craze amongst youngsters. It is quite common to find someone sporting a labret. Lip piercing can be done on the size or right in the middle of the lower lip so you can wear a labret in it. There are different types of this jewelry available. There are the studs, rings, etc. The studs themselves have different varieties and look quite chic.

• Eyebrow: Eyebrow piercing is another favorite of those wanting body piercing. Most of the times, it is just one of the eyebrow that is pierced not both. These are also available in studs as well as in rings. Eyebrow rings are more attractive than studs. This piercing is one of the safest place of body piercing, this place tends to heal faster than the nose or the lip.

• Nipple: This is a slightly difficult piercing; the delicate nipple piercing is done by both boys and girls. However, it is the boys who get it done more than the girls. This piercing is the intimate kind and boys and girls should be made aware of impending health problems and repercussions. Nipple jewelry need not be worn all the times, you can select occasions when you want to wear it.

• Belly Button: Belly button piercing can actually add to a lot of sensuality to a person. For people who want to make their waistline very attractive they can use the belly button rings, studs, etc. Along with these they can also use the chains which add overall charm to the body. A slightly short top and low jean can accentuate the waist line and therefore beautifying the belly button can often turn out to be the most decorative thing to do for the body.

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