Sunday, October 4, 2009

Popular Wrist Tattoo - A Trendy Body Accessory

One of the most common areas where tattoos are imprinted is on the wrists. Males and females choose among some popular tattoo designs that also bring out their artistic and imaginative concepts. These designs also accentuate their wrists in such a way that it truly looks like accessories only that they are permanent. Here are some trendy wrist tattoo designs:

Chains. There are various chains that when tattooed would look more like bracelets than tattoos. There are chain tattoos that looked like barbed wires, spiked-coils, or even the regular chains.

Vines. Sequence of leaves, flowers, or an alternate of these two comprise the wrist tattoo design. Because of its "nature" or eco-friendly effect, this is one of the most liked drawings that fit to be carved on the wrist.

Beads. A string of beads would completely look like a common bracelet. Choices of drawings from gems, or stones are the inspiration for this kind of look.

Letters or texts. Others make use of a caption that is composed of words and turn it into a loop all around the wrist. It can be from a passage, lyrics from a song, names of significant people they know, or common slogans.

However they pick, wrist tattoos are quite attractive to look at. They usually come in a smaller or narrow fashion to where it will just appear like a wristlet. Wider wrist tattoos are normally seen from extreme tattoo lovers wherein they can afford to truly catch attention. But for those who would like to be inconspicuous, they would choose the smaller version. Also, for the working class, it can be covered by the cuffs of their garments.

It should also be noted that the physical look of wrist tattoos do not significantly change as people grow bigger. It is very close to the bone structure that it will not so much expand when there is a change in weight. Unlike those tattooed on fleshy areas where the design might completely be altered as people increase their weight. And with the alteration, some designs no longer look appealing especially designs that look their best being when drawn in smaller scales.

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