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Rose Vine Tattoo Meanings

Rose Vine Tattoo Meanings
Rose Vine Tattoo MeaningsRoses are perennial flowering vine, that belongs to the genus Rosa. they are popular garden shrubs and also most popular and commonly sold flowers at the florists. Roses have been valued for its beauty and also have a long history of symbolism. For the ancient Greeks and Romans rose was identified with goddess of love, namely Aphrodite and Venus respectively. When a wild rose was placed on the door of a room, it was an indicator, that secret or confidential matters were discussed in the room. The origin of the phrase ‘under the rose’ lies in ancient Roman tradition. It means to keep a secret. For the early Christians, five petals of the rose symbolized five wounds of Jesus Christ. However, since roses also had association with Roman excesses and Pagan ritual, the leaders of the community refused to adopt it. Eventually red rose was accepted as a symbol of the blood of the Christian martyrs. Later roses and white roses to be more precise also came to be associated with Virgin Mary. Read on vine tattoos for women.

Along with all these symbolism attached to the traditional rose tattoo, there are also other meanings attached to the rose vines. The most important symbolism attached to the rose is that of love and beauty. They are also looked upon as symbols of passion and romantic love. Rose tattoos are not only popular with women, but also with the men. A single red rose signifies ‘I love you’, whereas a thornless rose tattoo stands for ‘love at first sight’. On the other hand yellow rose tattoos have come to stand for joy, while white for reverence, light pink for sympathy and admiration and orange rose tattoos for enthusiasm.

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