Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tattoo Aftercare Tips

Tattoo Aftercare Tips
Tattoo Aftercare Tips

1. Clean the tattoo with an ointment or lotion, do this on a regular basis so it does not get infected. Do not use products with tiny or scent, it could ruin he tattoo.

2. Steer clear of hot tubs and water for up to two weeks. Do not swim anywhere or take showers, take baths instead so you don not get the tattoo wet. If you use soap, make sure you remove it quickly.

3. It is normal to experience some peeling or scabbing after a couple days of getting your tattoo. This is normal. However, if you do not like the peeling gently rub it off with a moist towel but be sure to be gentle.

4. Itching is normal as well, but do not pick or scratch as it can ruin the tattoo. As silly as this sounds, a slap will help stop the itch without you ruining the tattoo.

5. Never expose your tattoo to the direct sunlight; the UV rays are detrimental in trying to preserve your tattoo, as it causes it to fade if there is not proper sun protection. Make sure to use sunscreen.

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