Friday, September 10, 2010

Dragon Tattoos

Dragon TattoosThe most popular types of dragon tattoos resemble a reptilian creature with lizard-like features. More expensive dragon tattoos depict each individual scale that covers the body of the dragon and some dragon tattoos have the forked tongue common to reptilian creatures prominently displayed. For the dragons that fly, strong wings resembling those of bats and breathing fire are common elements of the tattoo design. Dragon tattoos that contain these elements are commonly chosen because this is how most people see dragons in their imagination.

Dragon TattoosDragon tattoos mean something different to each person that chooses to obtain them and the meaning of the tattoo can be often be determined by the image on the tattoo. Dragons meant to represent strength are large with large wings and a rebellious expression on its face, often breathing fire to the side or directly at the person viewing the tattoo. Dragon tattoos symbolizing wisdom and intelligence will typically have a smile or a look of internal reflection and are designed to look wizened to appear like they are very old.

Dragon TattoosDragon tattoos can be used to represent many different emotions and ideals, such as good, evil, mischief, wisdom, adventure, or strength. The image chosen depends on what the person really wants and what the tattoo will represent to them. Dragon tattoos can be any color that the person can imagine, with men choosing designs of red or green and women choosing designs in purple, blue, or pink. The colors are important to the design of the dragon tattoos to give you a dragon design that is as unique as you are.

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