Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sexy Tattoo For Women

Do tattoos look sexy on women? This is an interesting question and one which depends on the personal point of view of the person being asked. There are a lot of discussion on this subject and standards are leaning on the side they do not look sexy, but with some conditions.

From looking at this issue was based on several factors, and there is a thin line on the bill exciting for installation and going the opposite direction in full. Is mixed research conducted on men, but in general, sexy factor comes into play when it appears tattoos, but a conservative to some extent and not in your face.

Best placement for a tattoo Sexy Women

The lower back - and this is part of a sensual female body, and this is why this region has become extremely popular for tattoos. The great thing about tattoos here is that it can be on the screen, partially hidden or secret just because you and your partner to enjoy.

Shoulder blade - and this is usually "out there" to get a tattoo position so you need to be comfortable for being so regularly on the display. Tattoo People in this region only one to consider Angelina Jolie to see how sexy tattoos can be the right person at the right place.

The back of the neck - and this is another of those spots sensual women and not surprisingly, extremely popular for tattoos. Depending on hair length and thickness, and the tattoo on the back of the neck to be hidden partly in addition to intrigue and mystique of tattoos, and carefully designed feminine. The research shows that many men find a tattoo in this area a real turn on.

Hip - Another area of sensory started to become more popular, women, and found that many of the tattoo can go unnoticed hip and displayed only when it suits them. A great spot to satisfy the partner without letting the world know that you have a tattoo.

Wrist - has become very popular either bracelet or by using the bottom of the expression of the individual one. Tattoo on the wrist is the most common stars, which, for some people is the universe, light, hope and inspiration and love.

Ankles - if you have legs, it can tattoo in this area should be very exciting. During the warmer months, and a tattoo on the ankle and generally clear, so just to make sure the tattoo you want your always be on the show.

It is clear that the design and placement up to each individual. Is really a question of knowing your body is private and personal. If you're more of an introvert, you may be the best isolation and may show an overview of the tattoo, rather than drawing a lot of attention to yourself through tattoos being in a prominent place. On the other hand, if you're "out there" kind of person and you have the body for it - go for it and want to make clear to you.

Yes, tattoos can be sexy for a woman to be a point of attraction real, and run, but choose your design wisely and consider carefully.

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