Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sexy Body Paint to Make a Lasting impression

Be it for a dance show or a strip show, if you want to look sizzling hot, then you ought to go for sexy body paint. If the thought of spending hours with an airbrush or stencil puts you off, then you should try the wonders of temporary body art. The exotic body art though temporary will certainly make you the star of the show. You can find a line of inimitable temporary body art styles that are easy to apply. The best part is some of them are reusable as well as water resistant.

The sexy body paint styles come with spirit-gum, which make them easy to be reused. You'll also find body art kits as a set with different sizes of stickers for each theme or design. So you can adorn yourself in a way that you think would be the most glamorous and suitable for you.

There are also easy to use do-it-yourself sexy body paint kits in various themes. You need not be a professional to apply a body art; it just can be stuck by anyone. To apply the temporary body art by yourself,

* Remove the backing and stick the body art to the skin using the front guide

* Once the body art is properly adhered to the skin, remove the film

* You can replace the stickers into the backing after use

To add more spark to your looks sexy exotic eyes are a must. So, make sure that you complement your sexy body paint with sexy exotic eyes makeup. Try exotic eye glitter to make your eyes pop. Most eye makeup kits include false eyelashes, eye glitter, eye paint, and application strips. SummitFashions has in store an exquisite range of sexy body paint kits as well as sexy exotic eyes makeup kits. Try them and make heads turn at the next show you're a part of.

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