Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What is Egyptian Tattoos?

Egyptian TattoosA tattoo is usually a work of art that you put on your body, which has a meaning or a statement or that you have a totally crazy night and woke up with butterflies in your ass. Seriously though let us look back to where it all comes from and how it has evolved today.

Egyptian TattoosAncient Egyptians considered the influence of the tattoo started back before 2000BC. Tattoos first Egyptian female mummy was found in the stick pattern of dots and dashes. Actually this is similar to a tattoo of "Iceman" had, which was excavated from the Alps in the 1990s, and the general theory is that this is the place of acupuncture. Clever is not it? This means it's not important who should perform acupuncture on you that they will always fix your problem area.

Egyptian TattoosEgyptian tattoos do not come in the form of pictures later on and they where always kind of symbolism does that relate to the gods, the symbol for the protection, welfare or good luck there is always a meaning behind the tattoo.

Egyptian TattoosTattoo art form was spread by the Egyptians from Crete, Greece, Persia and all the way to Southeast Asia and still continues to influence us to this day.

Egyptian TattoosEgypt's modern day tattoos are now better interpretation of strength and good fortune or a lot of deciding to have their names or the kids / wife's name translated into Egyptian hieroglyphs and then tattooed on themselves.

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