Friday, October 17, 2008

angel tattoo

There were two categories that always break each other, there were Angel and Devil. But Angel always made as the beautiful tattoo in every where. on his right shoulder blade of a large Gryphon holding the letter "A". It’s similar to the type of drawing once used in texts for the first letter of a paragraph or page back in the day when books were done by hand and many were true works of art. The Gryphon represents amongst other things, the duality of nature and the wealth of the sun. Just a bit of irony there.

Many people think that angel tattoo is the best and show a pure heart, but as we know that a tattoo in much country was the bad thing although that is angel. because the man or woman always use tattoo, usually he / she was the naughty man or women. But there were many people said that tattoo is make someone to be creative.
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