Monday, October 13, 2008

Tattoo ideas

About tattoo ideas, every one can make a tattoo it is simple, You can go for animal tattoo, flower tattoo, religious tattoo and so on. Most of the site on internet provides various tattoo designs and their information. There are special meanings of each and every tattoo. Some of them are:
Here is a list of the most popular tattoo designs and their meanings:
Anchor = Safety, hope and salvation
Angel = Protection, guardians, keepers of dreams
Bat = Longevity, happiness, mystery
Bear = Good nature, good luck, also ignorance
Bird = Birth, intuition, freedom
Bull = Fertility, power and strength
Butterfly = Spiritual immortality, temporary element of life
Cat = Linked to magic and bad omens
Clover = Good luck
Angel = is symbol of protection, guardians, keepers of dreams
Cross = symbolizes sacrifice, love and salvation
Heart = symbolizes love, provided it is neither bloody nor torn into pieces
And there are lot of tattoo ideas. If you want to get more the meaning of each and every tattoo, you can look in TATTOO IDEAS.
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