Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hand tattoo

In fact in our daily one of the most well known types of hand tattoos are gang symbols. Often a small set of three dots in a triangular formation on the top of the hand between the thumb and index finger is a symbol that one has been “jumped in” or become part of a gang. As a new gang member moves up in the ranks, more tattoos can be spotted, including the infamous teardrop under the eye to signify a kill, the spider web on the elbow to signify time served for the good of the cause and portrait arm tattoos of those fallen along the way.
About tattoo you may not realize it, because many tattoo artists bear the burden of becoming the conscience of naive and impetuous customers wanting tattoos that could potentially cause them a lot of problems down the road. They know that highly visible tattoos like hand and facial decorations can cause the wearer to become the subject of ridicule or impede their chances of finding employment. If they feel you don’t seem to be ready for that kind of heavy responsibility, they cannot in good conscience allow you to get such a tattoo. True, you could probably just find someone else to do it, but at least they can rest knowing they were not the cause of ruining your life.

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