Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Feminine Tattoos, Like What?

According to wikipedia, the word 'feminine' refers to qualities and behaviors judged by a particular culture to be ideally associated with or especially appropriate to women and girls, Feminine also called womanliness. Distinct from femaleness, which is a biological and physiological classification concerned with the reproductive system, femininity principally refers to secondary sex characteristics and other behaviors and features generally regarded as being more prevalent and better suited to women, whether inborn or socialized.

Then, how woman should tattoo her body so that they keep their 'femininity'? Many women are now getting feminine tattoos and it's not just because they want to rebel against something. Feminine Tattoos are beautiful to look at and seem to provide a woman with extra confidence.

There is a "But" here, the tattoos need to look feminine and natural. I have seen women who were very slender and toned with large tattoos on their arms or back which looked completely out of place. When I asked them about their tattoos they usually say "I wish I had got a smaller one which didn't look so obvious".

need to remember one important fact about getting a tattoo - Small is Feminine.


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