Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Find Award Winning Foot Tattoo Designs Girl

Are you always impressed by some of the unique, beautiful and stunning tattoos other people are wearing? I definitely do!

If you’re serious in getting a prefect tattoo, ChopperTattoo is the place you do not want to miss. At least you should take a look before leaving for your favorite tattoo parlor. In general I feel ChopperTattoo has infinite supplies of high quality tattoos and lettering ideas. I believe they’re probably the largest on the internet.

Finding an inspiring tattoo is time consuming and is not going to be an easy task. Since tattoos are great expressions of personal identity, uniqueness, beliefs, fashion and style, making decision on tattoo size, color (or black & white), pattern and placement on the body should be carefully considered.

In my opinion, you should take advantage of all available resources when picking tattoo designs as tattoos are with you to love forever. A good way to start your tattoo research is the internet. After spending hours clicking the mouse, although started with a lot of anticipation and fun, you’ll soon realize that all the free tattoo web sites are showing you low quality tattoo pictures. Obviously I wouldn’t want to wear any of those crappy stuffs on my body for life!

How to find the stunning, unique and original tattoo designs and lettering ideas? This is where ChopperTattoo comes in very handy!

How to search in ChopperTattoo?

ChopperTattoo has a great variety of tattoo designs in many different shapes, colors (black & white) and designs, from small to large patterns, for you to choose. Just use the search filter to pick your desired “category” (say, tribal), set the “size” and “color (or B&W)” and then click on the “Find Tattoos” button to initial a search.

How many tattoos are there in ChopperTattoo?

ChopperTattoo is the largest tattoo gallery on the internet with over 4,000 original, creative and unique tattoo arts. Many of them are award-winning. You can also find lettering ideas that you can customize from the convenience of your computer. New tattoos are added to the huge database daily. I don’t think there are any other web sites which can come close to ChopperTattoo.

What to do after finding the perfect tattoo design?

When you have found that perfect tattoo, you just enlarge it, print it out and take it to your favorite artist. If you need recommendation on reliable artists, there is a feature in ChopperTattoo to locate the nearest parlors for you.

How’s the tattoo quality of ChopperTattoo?

No disappointment to me so far! You won’t find any crappy stuff. I’m very sure that you’ll find something that will please you for the rest of your life.

How to access to ChopperTattoo’s database?

Most people will invest time and money on books and magazines when doing tattoo research. To access the 4000 high quality tattoo library, you’ll need to subscribe to one of the memberships. The member options are base on how long you wish to be able to access to the database.

Most tattoo lovers, like me, opt for lifetime membership as we want to be able to come back and download more tattoo designs in the future. Members are entitled with some bonuses — a free copy of tattoo magazine and free music download. But these free gifts do not really impress me much.


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