Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tribal Dragonfly Tattoos Galeri

Even in real life, a dragonfly has a sort of fairy tale quality to it. It’s about the size that we would imagine a fairy to be, with beautiful, gossamer wings. At the same time, unlike a fairy or butterfly, dragonfly tattoos are not categorically feminine. They have a universal appeal. Dragonfly tattoo designs can easily be given a bold tribal look, for example, that’s quite masculine.

On the other hand, they can also be subtle and sketchy, or elaborate and colorful. Many dragonfly images are both beautiful and ugly at the same time – for example, the delicate wings of the dragonfly are juxtaposed with its insect eyes and segmented body – just as they are in nature. From far away, it looks like a fairy tale creature, but close up, it’s definitely of this earth. Like the creature that inspired it, a dragonfly tattoo is indicative of a person who cannot be easily categorized.


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