Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Balance Tattoo

I want to give story of mine about Balance Tattoo, that it was very dizzy, because I got it with all of my thinking that is this the real tattoo or not?
Firstly, I thought giving tattoo is very easy by only find and use it... but it was very abstract if more and more I think, the tattoo is must presentation our life and our want is it..??!! So.. I choose a Balance as my favorite tattoo because I like balance in my life.

And I was wanting to get tattoos and was in a place where I didn't have a personal recommendation for where to go, I asked someone local: my friend Maki! I knew he already had one tattoo of his own and I figured he might have a good idea of where to go, or not to go, to get tattoo when I was in Oahu. Not only did Maki know of several shops that were best for me to avoid (they only do designs off-the-wall which means those artists can't really draw) but he wanted to get some new ink too, and had heard of a local man artist who might be good. So, we planned a tattoo afternoon together!

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