Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tattoo Designs

How To Design Tattoo:
Firstly, you have to have an intuition and view to draw the tattoo that will you install. if you do not have it, you are able to find it by asking your friend or your partner or maybe you can find it around your family, because an intuition is possible that can be found by your brother or child.

How To Design Tattoo:
Secondly, write the tattoo in other place first before you draw it in your or your friend's body, cause it may be wrong or bad. The drawing needs habit to do it. After used it in other place, and you have though it well, you can draw it in your special place and than fact it.

How To Design Tattoo:
Thirdly, write it slowly and carefully to produce the good result. If you are usual draw, so I think it will be easy for you! but do not forget that tattoo have to see epoch and era... and no every person like tattoo..

Tattoo Design is the real job for many art person in tattoo. Putting and making tattoo in your body is not as easy as drawing something, because tattoo design needs art and also intuition in each art person in tattoo. some people think that making tattoo is easy as making picture, of course but you have to know that tattoo which have been mad by this one person is untrue and is not directional.

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