Friday, September 18, 2009

Flower Tattoo Designs - Timeless Symbols of Expression

Flower tattoo designs allow you to express in symbolism what you want to say or cannot say out loud. The Japanese call it "Hanakotoba" - the "Language of Flowers."

Roses for instance have long symbolized love and passion. Each color with it's own unique language. A dozen red roses speaks volumes to the one you love. Even the different varieties of lilies have their own meaning. The Tiger Lily speaks "I dare you to love me." Their timeless language and eternal beauty have made flowers one of the more popular tattoo designs.

Their popularity is due to a variety of reasons:

  • They can be used as a stand-alone tattoo.
  • They can be woven together and incorporated into other designs like butterflies or angels.
  • They come in a large variety of designs, shapes, & sizes, allowing you to be discreet or make a bold statement.
  • They distinctly enhance the beauty of a woman's body.
  • They can be designed in a Celtic or Tribal form giving them a more masculine appeal.

Given the reasons above and the exotic meanings of flowers there's no reason why you couldn't find a tattoo design that clearly illustrates the message you want to convey. No need to worry about a cookie-cutter design either. The common rose has thousands of shapes, sizes, and styles to choose from giving you an endless choice in expressing your individuality. The possibilities become even more endless when you combine a flower design with other popular tattoos like a fairy, butterfly, or angel.

Flower tattoo designs capture what you cannot say with words and are infused with symbolism and meaning. Popular styles include roses, hibiscus (especially Hawaiian), orchids, lotus, lilies, ivy, and more. Take time to consider the meaning behind the tattoo design you choose. Don't just go for the most popular or what your friends are getting. Think about the meaning the flower represents and choose a design that embodies your distinctive character traits and the unspoken message you have to say.

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