Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Most Popular Sexy Tattoos

Both men and women are getting sexy tattoos these days to express themselves, and the number of people getting these tattoos continue to skyrocket. There are so many sexy tattoo designs out there that it shouldn't be hard to find one that suits you. However, if you just can't make up your mind, you will find some more about the 5 most popular sexy tattoo designs right here.

1) The Tribal Tattoo

Tribal tattoos are really the most popular nowadays and they continue to increase in popularity every year. They feature very distinctive, sexy, yet artistic artwork that can carry many different meanings. Celtic tattoos are the most admired among all the tribal tattoos. Celtic tattoo designs are best known for their color, interlacing patterns, complex knots, animal forms and different kinds of symbols. Most men want to have tattoos placed on their arms or shoulders. Women normally have tribal tattoos done on their lower back or pelvic area. These kinds of tattoos are undeniably popular, no matter where they are located. Remember to pick your location wisely, specially if you're looking for a sexy look.

2) The Rose Tattoo

The tattoo coming in at second place on the list of sexy tattoos is the Rose. The rose tattoo emblem is the most popular flower tattoo choice for females. Over the years, roses have taken on the meaning of love and romanticism. Although mostly worn by females, males also adorn rose tattoos especially when signifying a meaning for someone else.

3) The Butterfly Tattoo

The Butterfly is usually thought of as joyful and happy creature. The same is thought of when it comes to butterfly tattoos. A lot of people view the butterfly as a sign of transformation or rebirth. The butterfly insect is best known for its beautifully colored and designed wings. What appears to be a normal butterfly image can be turned in to a beautiful piece of artwork because it can be colored and custom tailored to meet the needs and wants of the person who is about to get one of these sexy tattoos.

4) The Star Tattoo

The star tattoo design comes in fourth on my list. Regardless of gender, it can be used for many purposes like as a form of symbol, a fashion trend or type of accessory of the body A star reflects success and dignity. It often represents the hard work and perseverance of people to reach their goals. Star designs have an infinite number of varieties. Most popular among them are the hexagram, pentagram and shooting star. Some Jewish myths are also associated with the point star designs. The reason why large number of people choose the star design is the amazing beauty it offers.

5) The Heart Tattoo

The heart tattoo seems to be the tattoo symbol that is used most often. It is also a very recognizable symbol in today's society. People have always associated heart tattoos with expressing affection or devotion to a loved one unconditionally. People have added their own designs and meaning to the countless different heart icons that are around. No matter what you use the emblem for, sexy heart tattoos are, and will always be a very recognizable and popular tattoo design.

Getting a tattoo is a serious decision and that's why selecting a great design must be a top priority. Most of the people make impulsive decisions when selecting their design and a lot of times end up regretting their decision. Take your time and ensure about what you want before walking in a parlor. Your character, individuality, and uniqueness is revealed by the design you choose. Hence, it's extremely important to select your design wisely.

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