Monday, December 20, 2010

Top Rated Foot Tattoo Design For Women

women foot tattoo designFeminine tattoo designs tend to be fairly standard-butterflies, flowers, birds or animals funny, or even a star. But today, many women who grow slightly more universal-themed tattoos like tribal designs, religious symbols and even a realistic animal. One of these designs will look perfect on the foot or ankle.

women foot tattoo designThe most important thing when choosing a tattoo design for foot or ankle is finding something that has some meaning for you. Think it through carefully so you will not regret your choice a few years down the road.

women foot tattoo designThe number of options can often be kind of scary. Since this is a big decision that goes you should make sure you see a lot of different options. There are tattoo gallery online that can help inspire ideas. Of course you can immediately see through the designs available at your local tattoo artist. Tattoo artists tend to display their best designs, but do not be too quick to choose the design.

women foot tattoo designOf course, you are not limited to the website and tattoo artists to find ideas. your ideas and inspiration can come from a book or even a real picture items and things. You might find something in the picture in a book of travel or in the text of history, or even in mathematics textbooks. If you know how to draw or know someone who does not, you can create a sketch of one of the original design. Just keep your eyes open and you will see design ideas around you.

women foot tattoo designIn the past, tattoos feet tend to the little things are easily hidden. The day was not the case. They can still be small and discreet, of course, but often are in the corner can be just as bold and obvious as a tattoo on other parts of the body.

Often women tend to get an ankle tattoo of things like butterflies, hearts, flowers, and pictures funny, but today more striking images such as Chinese characters, drawing interest, and even large anime characters become much more common.

A common misconception is that the ankle is a painful place to get a tattoo. If the tattoo is higher, there is not a lot of nerve, but because the skin is pulled tight enough above the ankle bone, lower tattoo can be very painful.

If you want to have a tattoo that you can continue to be covered up on the job, ankle tattoos may be just the thing. If low enough, an ankle tattoo can be covered easily by the socks, and higher tattoos can be covered with long pants. Again, because tattoos are permanent, make sure you select placements that you will be able to face for a long time and in different situations.

Ankle tattoos are stylish, comfortable, and very versatile, so if you're considering your first tattoo, ankle may be the perfect place to get one. Just find the design that you love and then select the specific placement that you can live with.

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