Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Animal Dolphin Tattoo Designs

The Animal Dolphin Tattoo Designs..............

Getting tattoos is considered by those who embrace the art as the ultimate form of self-expression. Man's hunger to display important things in his life through symbols that are inked in his body continued this art form from ancient history until now. Of course, not everybody has the courage to sit through minutes or possibly hours of grinding needle pounding his skin.

The pain can be intense and it is definitely not for the faint hearted. To those who are willing enough, planning carefully what the design is primary since tattoo is permanent and the design should hold enough relevance to carry through the rest of his life.

The designs available are varied and ones that have gotten a lot of requests are dolphin tattoo designs. Thanks to movies portraying this lovable underwater creature as one of the good guys, dolphins are becoming the fast favourites of men and women alike. Dolphins are cute and are often described as friendly and harmless.

They even save human lives from drowning, real story or not. Designs can vary from a single leaping dolphin to a group of them immersed in other nature designs such as flowers and other ocean inhabitants. Dolphins possess certain kind of freedom that most tattoo enthusiasts want to embrace and portray. The colour of this creature reflects the beauty of the sea and if done expertly, the design can come out with a vivid representation of the deep blue water.

Dolphin tattoo designs can mean different things to different cultures. According to Celtic tradition, a dolphin has the power to give a person a clean slate in life since it comes from the water and water cleanses a person. Chinese philosophy depicts two dolphins as a symbol of harmony. The Native Americans consider this placid creature a symbol of wisdom and kindness.

The women are notably the ones who would often want to get dolphin tattoos but men are not immune to the charm of dolphin tattoo designs. The nature of dolphins is very much similar to the people who want to display them on their bodies so it is only natural to expect that their popularity is going to flourish in the future.

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