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The Italian Tattoo Designs

The Italian Tattoo Designs .....................

Italian tattoo designs basically come in different sizes and shapes. Examples of these designs are Italian horn, Italian cross, and the Italian flag with red, green and white color. You can even see a partly completed sleeve intended only to Italian cuisine. This tattoo designs illustrate of plate with meatballs and macaroni, a cannoli and a pitcher of wine. Fortunately, compare to other languages like Latin, Arabic and Hebrew or Gaelic, Italian is quite an easy language to interpret.

Majority of words that is presented in the English language can be decoded into Italian without too much intricacy. However, you need to be also extra careful when using the English language because it can also have an effect on the Italian translation. With just an error in spelling and your encouraging and beautiful word can be senseless and ridiculous. For example in one episode of the Miami Ink wherein one customer wants an Italian tattoo designs. The customer chose the Italian word "per sempre" which means forever. Since the customer was the one who draw the design to be inked on his body, the finished artwork was interpret as "pre sempre" and not the other way around. It has only one letter error, but unfortunately this doesn't mean anything in Italian.

This is probably one reason why everybody must be careful when choosing Italian tattoo designs. For instance, you have to exercise care when choosing the Italian phrase "la vita e bella" which means life is beautiful in English. Though it has same letters, people can still mistake it from getting "la bella vita" which basically means the beautiful life. The beautiful of life is used by Italians to illustrate someone who has a wealthy living, living of life of spending too much money and throwing parties.

As with all the tattoos that is made in foreign language besides your own, please ensure that you do your part. Always check your translation with various sources other than yours. If you know where to find a native Italian speaker, someone who speaks Italian as his or her mother tongue and English as his or second. If a native Italian speaker is not accessible in your area, the next person you can ask for an advice is an Italian scholar who has extensively studied the language. And your last choice can be some of the sites on the Internet wherein you can find online translators who gives their services at no cost. Though they can be a great help, you have to remember that it is significant make sure that your translation is accurate by using some various translators online or you can confirms its reliability with native Italian speakers on a message board or forum.

Below are some examples of Italian phrases that you can use for your Italian tattoo designs:

1. L'amore domina senza regole which means love rules without rules

2. L'amore e cieco which means love is blind

3. Smuovere mare e monti which means to move heaven and earth

4. Vivi e lascia vivere which means live and let live

Keep in mind always that you have to be careful in choosing the Italian design. This is only to make sure that you will end up with an accurate result.

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