Monday, May 25, 2009

Printable Tattoo Designs For You

Printable Tattoo Designs For You....................

When you're clicking through printable tattoo designs, are you seeing "any" quality artwork? It's a question that 95% of people will answer with a resounding No. Even worse, there are men and women settling on generic images to get tattooed with. That's no way to go about picking printable tattoo designs, so here's the quick solution.

Let me begin by explaining a couple of things. There is one, undeniable reason why this many people are seeing the same generic, cookie cutter artwork as the next person. It's because of search engines, because it's pretty much the only thing we use to locate galleries of tattoos. This needs to change. A completely change is necessary, because search engines make sure you see absolutely nothing but generic junk. I assume that those aren't printable tattoo designs you would want anyway.

The lists contain so many galleries that have the exact same horrible tattoos as the next site on the list. This might seem like the end of the road, but it's not, because the internet is packed with galleries that post tons of original, crisp, high quality printable tattoo designs. You just need a way of finding them. To find them, you simply use the strengths of forums. Try sticking with larger forums for this, because it's where you'll encounter huge amounts of inside knowledge on tattoos and the artwork for them.

It's all located in the archive section, which is drastically underused by most people. Inside of the archives of a big forum, you have total access to hundreds of various topics on tattoos. It's such a big subject in most of the well established forums. All you have to do is jump inside. Read through some of them. You will instantly see valuable information in many of the posts, including people sharing all of their findings of great galleries. You can even use the search function they have to look up topics on printable tattoo designs. Everything possible can be pulled up in there.

The fun part of picking out printable tattoo designs is the part where you have tons of high quality artwork to choose from.

Here are the 3 largest, most original galleries that have thousands of fresh Printable Tattoo Designs.

Adam Woodham is the author of this article and runs the blog Quality Tattoo Art, which features the 3 top galleries, with the absolute largest gallery of printable tattoos you can imagine.


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