Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sexy Tattoo Tribal - Tribal Tattoo Art

By Sierra Moon

One of the most popular designs today that is requested to be tattooed is tribal tattoo art. Tribal tattoos consist of random patterns of lines, curves, spikes, knots, totems and swirls that blend together. When these patterns are combined together, they make very unique and beautiful designs. There is such diversity with tribal tattoos and therefore can be an unlimited number of variations.

Years ago many different tribes used tattoos for a number of reasons. They were used for rites of passage, religious reasons, to identify and group tribes or family members, for marriage, to gain strengths and abilities of a totem animal guardian and for love spells and charms.

Today tribal designs are popular because of the mystery and spiritual aura of ancient times. They are also very unique and fabulous works of art. Both men and women favor tribal tattoos and they compliment both sexes. Some favorite locations are the arms, chest and back for men and the lower back, abdomen and sides for women. These designs actually look good anywhere that you want to put them and they can be made small or as large as you'd like.

There are several online tattoo design galleries that have a huge assortment of tribal tattoo art. You can even print the designs from your computer and take it to the tattoo artist. This method is widely used because you can search from home and take your time when choosing a design. You may decide to combine two or more designs together to make one. You may also want to take a part of several designs and make that into a totally different design. The possibilities are endless with tribal tattoo designs as they are each as unique as the individual that chooses to have one.

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