Thursday, July 16, 2009

Danger of Tattoo

Create a circle, body art (tattoos) are still considered taboo. In their eyes, the tattoo is not considered bad bercitra: full of violence and is likely close to a world of crime. However, in line with the development of the age, tattoos are now also considered part of the 'product' beauty. The increasingly widespread penggemarnya also to the celebrity, sportsman, young executive, youth, and the mother-housewife.

Especially for the youth, such rapid development. Based on a survey in the United States carried out two years ago, about 36% adolescents (age 14 years) in the country, is almost in the body have rajahan idol figures, flowers, and various other ornaments.

However, on the other hand, there is a different phenomenon. Instead of penggemarnya population continues to increase, flow back from the bertato is not less derasnya. For the last question is, can disimak from the latest survey results at the end of the year. In the survey revealed that of these about 10 million people who bertato, 50% of which was in fact intend to rajahan it. Many reasons they cited. Ranging from difficult to find a job to feel bored. Not even a few of them regret that.

If you be more, of those who regret, it appears that there is an interesting motif. They said, tattoos are also a bad impact on health. One of the examples, such as that experienced by Karl Fredrik Ljungberg, pesepak soccer great who is now playing at Arsenal. It is nine years old man who is now aged 30 years old to join this club in the top of UEFA Champions League. But, kehebatannya mengocek ball on the ground, nearly never be seen again, at least, during the last three years. Section, since that time, he is often sitting in the reserves.

In fact the Arsenal coach has strong reason to spell it for Ljungberg. Gara-garanya, berkebangsaan Swedish players fell ill this frequently headache (migraine) are suddenly and without cause. Unfortunately also, dizziness in his head that can last for two weeks.

Not less than the team doctor that it made no headache. They take more than a year to track the disease idol. Originally, the team doctor that Ljungberg dizziness in the head because of cancer. But, after checking through a long process, finally (in May 2005) also discovered keroknya mother: "because the poisons that come from ink tattoo on her body."

The withdrawal of most celebrities, as well as the Ljungberg. He merajah body image with two panther (tiger beetle), respectively on the right side of stomach and back. According to doctors who investigate, Ljungberg was allergic to the tattoo ink. And this cause allergic reactions in the lymph network is in the waist, causing inflammation in the nerve network. Nerves of the subject is what ditenggarai trigger migraine.

Almost similar cases experienced by a teenager who lives in Burlington, Vermont, United States. Even worse is the effect felt by young people aged 19 years is much more powerful. Rajahan turbulence in the body, he was convicted have a very dangerous disease and there is no medicine, ie, systemic lupus erythematosus (lupus). According to doctors who address them, he could with lupus because tercemar virus originating from the tattoo needle.

Sejatinya also, those who love merajah body fell ill the high-risk diseases. Soalnya, merajah also injure the body. "From this injury is often a lot of seeds disease into the body," said Dr. Irma Bernadette Simbolon, dermatovenereulogist (specialist skin doctor) from Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital (RSCM), Jakarta.

Even pain that has been felt since the beginning, when the tattoo needle start rasp body part that dirajah. Often, the injured ditimbulkannya also cause irritation so that potentially infected. Kejadiannya If so, the 'victim' will have a fever with a high temperature. Selemah with the condition that, had the more vulnerable body fell ill seed disease.

Cost delete Very Expensive

Other risk is likely caused by bad tattoo needle. Often used because many times, so that a disease so seedlings terkontaminasi more lavish spread. Transmission and so more effectively because the puncture needle close to the blood vessel and nerve network. To be safe, the needle should be in a sterile and used only once.

The same is the case with the tattoo ink. Generally, the more outstanding in the market, the ink is made from chemicals that deserve to be in heavy metal, such as arsenik, mercury, silver, gold, and bismuth, which is dangerous for health. Case with other tattoo ink used by a number of the natives in the hinterland. Because the herb is made from plant-plant, the ink tends to be more secure.

In medical science, merajah body is defined as the deliberate action of a potential cause deviation on the skin. In addition to tattoos, the skin aberration can also be caused by sengatan excessive sunlight, the influence of drugs, and exposed to chemicals. And principally, the broad surface of the body ditato, the larger the risk gangguannya. "If the image tatonya already reached half of the body surface, most likely the body had been poisoned," said Irma.

It may be driven by the awareness of the importance of maintaining health, according to Irma, the trend among bertato intend to rajahan in the body of late is high enough. See only those who come to the clinic. "In a month, I average three to handle patients who want to take pictures tatonya," said the doctor who is also a staff instructor at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia.

Principle, to remove the tattoos, the skin layer terajah must dikelupas or burned. For that, the latest technique is the most sought-ray laser (Q-switched laser), which is known in Indonesia since 1990. The superiority of this way will not cause pain. This is possible because before the irradiation, the patient will need local anesthesia. In addition, the results can also maximum, ie, image rajahan be removed completely.

If only there kekurangannya, it is a cost that is not small. For most sizes, the cost is very expensive to even be calculated. Only to remove the tattoo seukuran credit card, required at least Rp 50 million-still far more expensive prices for merajahnya rather than the range between Rp 5 million to Rp 10 million. Imagine, how the fee must be paid to remove rajahan in the whole body?

Cost remove tattoos with a Q-switched technique can be expensive because the investment is quite high. Only for the procurement of the equipment it needed capital to Rp 1 billion.

With tattoos, as they feel more beautiful or stout, it may encourage someone to be confident. But, if you remember the bad effects, relish this one so very frightening. Boro-Boro can show the beauty, we are even at risk with dangerous diseases.

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