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Tora Sudiro's Tattoos

Tora Sudiro, the original name is Taura Danang Sudiro is an actor who stars ad Indonesian comedians who have talent. Tora Sudiro was born in Jakarta on 10 May 1973. Tora is the first child of two brothers, the pair Tanto Sudiro and Pinky Mardikusno. Tora Sudiro Both parents divorced.

Tora Sudiro mother then married to a racer, Tinton Soeprapto and now have a daughter named Tania Soeprapto. Tora Sudiro Ibunda died in a car accident.

Indonesia in the film, the name of Tora Sudiro melesat like meteor. Tora never reach as actors Citra Cup hero Best Festival Film Indonesia (FFI) in the 2004 film National entitled "Arisan!", Which dibintanginya with Surya Saputra, Cut Mini, Aida Nurmala Rachel and Mary.

In the movie Tora Arisan role as a gay man, and in the film there are scenes in which the controversial Tora Sudiro beradegan smack with Surya Saputra. Kiss scene between two men is recorded as the first Indonesian film history.

Tora Sudiro in 2005 and 2006, won the Panasonic Cup Award as the actors terfavorit.

Tora Sudiro been in New Zealand schools to study science sound engineer, and in work as employees of insurance before the end of the world in the film. He also did not have a background in education.

Tora Sudiro kisses Surya ArisanPertama time film star Tora Sudiro Tragedy. But the film of the landing Rudi Soedjarwo can not put his name. At the Movies is the name of Tora Arisan Sudiro away. Now, bid on a number of main sinetron pun flow. People become familiar with the face after he appears in the perfect entertainment events comedy Extravaganza on one of the private television station. From situlah, people began to know.

Tora Sudiro also famous as an actor is collecting a lot of tattoos disekujur body. However tattoos on her body that does not become a barrier to play in the film.

In 'Arisan', Tora tattoo completely invisible, it's because he was wearing long-sleeve shirt in the movie. In the film 'Banyu Biru' also all tattoo tattoo-attached in the hands of the Tora Sudiro berbekas not lost.

Tora Sudiro family "takes hard work to be able to hide the tattoo is. The father of two children, yahh .. about three hours to make the hand not bertato mulus.In early 2006, a wide screen film dibintangi Tora Sudiro, the title 'Ekspedisi Madewa'. In this film, Tattoos lost its back. Tattoos must be covered for the sake of the story. Film producer, Phillip Korompis, ask the Tora as a champion, not bertato. The reason for the film will be called not only adults, but also children.

But not like in the movie 'Banyu Biru' that takes three hours, the film production Cinervo (Cinema Revolution) Pictures Tora Sudiro this only takes 30 minutes just to close tatonya with make up. In fact, the problem is not finished, Actor cakep this is because it was very tortured hands full with the make-up.

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