Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Unique Foot Tattoo

Foot is the body of the bottom and rarely observed. There are ways so that your feet can look more beautiful and can be a concern, one with a tattoo adalag feet.

Today, tattoos can be seen in a wide variety of styles with many creative placement areas, reinforcing the belief that tattooing is the ideal method of self expression. The individuality behind the entire tattooing process is what initially attracts most people to the practice as each person must decide on the design and placement for themselves. Because of this, what works best for one may not for another, but don't worry if you aren't yet sure about where to get your tattoo as there are plenty of options to consider such as the increasingly popular foot tattoos.

Here are some of the facts you should know about foot tattoos:

Foot tattoos are usually more painful: Because the skin on the feet is thinner than most other places, tattoos done here tend to be a bit more painful than others. But, the good news is that foot tattoos are generally smaller in size so the pain won't last as long.

Foot tattoos are easy to hide: If need be, foot tattoos can be concealed simply with socks or footwear. This is ideal if you work in a professional setting where tattoos are normally frowned upon. Also be aware that the healing time for a tattoo is generally around the two to three week mark, in which time you would have to wear an open style of shoe to protect the skin and allow the artwork to heal properly. So if you simply must wear shoes, try also wearing two pairs of socks made of thin fabric.

Foot tattoos are usually considered to be sensual: While it's true that opinion varies widely from one person to the next, especially when it comes to inking the skin and what looks good, but even those who usually don't care for tattooing say they don't mind foot tattoos and even consider them to be rather sensual.

Foot tattoos may need more maintenance than those in other areas: The feet are one of those places on the body that are regularly exposed to harsh conditions, as opposed to other areas of skin, and tattoos here will eventually fade a bit or become blurred sooner, requiring some touching up to keep them looking their best.

Some of the most popular choices for foot tattoos: Lettering, flowers, stars and other geometric designs and patterns are common for foot tattoos, however, if you're looking for something truly unique, you can always ask your tattooist to create a tattoo just for you based on your ideas. But do keep in mind that large tattoos and those with intricate designs will of course be the most painful as well as the most expensive.

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