Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tattoos Not Mean Criminal

Why do some people still think that the people who bertattoo synonymous with a criminal? And also why a lot of criminals, especially the blue-necked (somehow with the white-collar criminals) install ditubuhnya tattoo?

Previously I have the experience to meet people who are suspected of being a blue-collar criminal disebuah police office. Sekujur be hand-shaped tattoo is something I do not understand. According to the reasoning that makes sense, I know that he use the ink is not ink with good quality. Sit no more than one meter to it, I have a conclusion about the reason he berttatoo: publish fear. Conclusion I then changed temporarily after some time and then I remember about tattoo have Brianna Banks. With the ink quality and location of the different tattoo was not issued a fear, but issued a taste of something else.

There first time in Indonesia, many people fall victim bertattoo extra-Judicial killings. Bodies bertattoo bergelimpang in the street without identity. If the number of victims according to Amnesty International estimated to reach thousands of people. Only a few people who are concerned because they had yet seen as a criminal meresahkan and in the name of public security need to be liquidated. Necessary evil words people nowadays. Perpetrators in the dark, I segelap knowledge about the tattoo and the reason for their use.

By ; Phie

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