Saturday, November 29, 2008

Award Winning Tiger Tattoo Designs The Competition

Award Winning Tiger Tattoo Designs The Competition
Tiger is a living symbol of vigor and power, fear and respect, brutality and rage, passion and curiosity, independent and brave, beauty and dynamic. Tiger tattoo designs are great expressions of all these unique personality.

Tiger tattoo designs are in high demand for men and women. The most common positions for tiger tattoos for men is on the chest, back and upper arm, and for women will be on the lower back, shoulder and ankle.

The most popular tiger tattoo designs are the medium and large patterns. There are in many different shapes, colors and designs for you to choose. However, it’s very important to select the most desirable design as it will be with you to love forever.

It is advisable to pre-select and bring your own choice of tiger tattoo patterns to the parlor. There are plenty of beautiful tiger tattoo designs and arts you can find from the magazines or the internet. If you want to view the Award Winning Tiger Tattoo Designs, please click here.


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