Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Free Sexy Chinese Model with art of Dragon Tattoos

Sexy Chinese Model with art of Dragon Tattoos

The Chinese dragon tattoo is a mythological tattoo which first originated in East Asia. The dragon is a fictitious creature that symbolizes many things for the Chinese people. Historically, the Emperor of China was symbolized by the Chinese dragon. In China, the dragon is now a symbol of water and rain where the two help flourish a country driven by agriculture. Many males in the USA get Chinese dragon tattoos, because in China they are also a symbol of immense power, which is how most Americans perceive it.
Chinese dragon tattoos are usually a first choice among most males who are intrigued or influenced by Asian culture and wanting an oriental tattoo. Chinese dragon tattoos are very popular in both dark black and green ink. However, as of recent blue dragon tattoos are slowly becoming the more popular choice.

Many celebrities such as Bon Jovi and Cher have dragon tattoos, but it is very important for you to distinguish whether they are from Chinese, Japanese or Korean descent. While all dragon tattoos may look similar to you, the Chinese dragon is a snake-like creature with large scales, a bigger face and only five claws (many tattooists design a Chinese dragon with the wrong number of claws).

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