Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Getting The Japanese Oriental Koi Tattoos

Koi fish is an oriental name for fish in the carp family. In the orient koi are very revered, and are thought to have certain mystical abilities about them. Koi stands for courage, strength, determination, advancement, and perseverance. In the English Language the word "Koi" is translated as the word "love", or the feeling of love. It can also be translated as romantic love or a very passionate love affair. However, koi can also mean selfish. In the orient koi is a symbol of good luck.

In China there is a legend that describes a koi swimming up the Yellow River to a waterfall, and if it is at a place called the Dragon Gate, the koi may then jump over the fall and be transformed into a dragon.

In Buddhism it is believed that people are like the koi, swimming in an ocean of suffering all their lives, yet they continue striving forward until they die. A koi tattoo with 5 golden koi stands for well being through our daily lives, and eternal wealth, 5 being a lucky number. And matched with the legend the koi is as lucky as a dragon. And the perfect koi tattoo art would be of a golden koi changing into a dragon, just like a butterfly does.

In koi tattoos you will often see them combined with water, cherry blossoms or lotus flowers. However, the Japanese koi tattoo has many symbolic meanings depending on what the koi is doing. Japanese koi tattoo art is a symbol of masculinity. Koi fish are a very energetic fish, and the tattoos may often involve very lively colors, with the fish depicted as moving. Koi fish are often represented with victory as well, and are often tattooed on a person's body to represent someone who is very independent, going against the grain of society.

Any koi tattoo art is suppose to bring its wear wealth and abundance, and thus this king of fish is known as the dragon fish, and many koi tattoos are depicted in a larger tattoo. They are very popular tattoos for the back and/or both shoulders, or as a sleeve tattoo. The background colors are as spectacular as the fish itself. They have been depicted with suns and moons as well.

The koi has also been depicted with the Yin/Yang symbol; the Yin being the black part, which is female, night, water, earth, and it is passive; the Yang being the white part, is male, day, fire, air, and it is active. Together these two symbols meant balance and harmony. In itself the Yin/Yang makes a very strong statement, but together with the koi, makes it extrordinary.

You can understand why the popularity of koi tattoos has become so appealing to people. If you would like to search for more information visit Koi Tattoo Art.

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