Saturday, November 29, 2008

Star Tattoo Ideas And Their Meaning for Women

Star Tattoo Ideas And Their Meaning for Women

It is true that there are many ways in which we could express ourselves but one of the boldest ways where we could do this and at the same time, create a statement that is surely to last a lifetime is through tattoos. One of the most celebrated but common designs when it comes to tattoos on bodies is the star which may seem to be boring or dull for other people since it is for sure that there are many people who are displaying that kind of design.

But if you are a star gazer or who is fascinated with the stars, you really could not help it if you will consider having a tattoo of it on your body. However, there are different ways in which you could make your star tattoo unique and is truly personalized especially with the help of star tattoo ideas. Here are some of the best star tattoos ideas which you may want to consider to make the design your own that would symbolize your true self.

Different Kinds Of Stars

When we think of the shape of the star, what would immediately come to our minds is the five pointed star that we have learned to draw since we were little but on the other hand, there are different kinds of stars that we may use or consider for star tattoo ideas. We may want to look at the possible designs that we could combine with the four pointed star that also serves as the cross shaped star that also offers simplistic and elegant options.

Another one that we can consider when it comes to star tattoo ideas is the pentacle which represents witchcraft and the dark side. But today, this pentacle star tattoo idea is becoming more and more popular as a tattoo choice for many people.

And if you are a religious person, you may want to consider the six pointed star which is known to symbolize the Star of David. But it also represents the pagan god which is called, Remphan. Aside from that, you could also choose the eight pointed star which is known to be the cross of St. John that is also known to represent the emblem of Knights of Malta that is one of the most popular religious organization during the crusades.

Lastly, if you feel like having a symbol of being a perfected man, you could opt for the seven pointed star but it may also represent your childhood, the whimsical or can be a fairy star. These are some of the best star tattoo ideas that you can consider and you may add different designs to make it more personal.


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