Saturday, November 29, 2008

Why Lower Back Tattoos Are Desirable For Many Women?

Why Lower Back Tattoos Are Desirable For Many Women?
n recent years, women have begun to get tattoos placed on their lower backs. Lower back body art is viewed as a source of empowerment and controversy as the media reports on the meaning of these designs and any urban myths associated with the designs. Even with all of the negative publicity, lower back tattoos have remained popular with individuals around the world.

There is something sensual about a tattoo on the lower back because the placement of the design draws the eye to any womanly curves. Some women get the tattoos because being able to see the design above the rim of the pants creates arousal in some of the people that view them. The designs are also considered to be naughty because the lower back is not seen very often while the person is fully dressed. It is possible to know a person for years and never know that there is a tattoo hidden beneath their shirt.

Lower back tattoos are designed to have sinuous lines and feminine designs that look good when decorating the curves of the back. Tribal designs are often used for the main image because of the bold lines in the design. Flowers and hearts surrounded by ribbons are popular lower back designs as the lines can be lengthened to accentuate the curves of the back and hips.

What Is Said About The Tattoos?

Much of the controversy surrounding these types of tattoos is because of the sensual appearance of the designs. Instead of viewing it as a symbol of empowerment, some people said that the tattoos were a symbol of a loose woman and began to call them “tramp stamps”. This caused many women to decide against the tattoos because they did not want their morals questioned.

Some people believe that the ink in the tattoos alters the effectiveness of medical procedures, such as epidurals during pregnancy and spinal taps. The common belief was that if the needle passed through the ink of the tattoo, it could transfer the ink to the spinal column which would result in health issues. It has been found to be so unlikely that there was virtually no possibility of it happening during a medical procedure.

Although there have been a lot of negative comments associated with lower back tattoos, many still view them as beautiful body art and choose to obtain the attractive designs. Skilled tattoo artists generally have many different designs to choose from and they can be completed in a short period of time. The cost of the tattoos depend on how detailed the design is and how large the tattoos will be


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