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Beware, Tattoos and Pierced Transmit Hepatitis

Tattoos and pierced the tune of youth in the country. In fact, it is a way of transmission of virus hepatitis. Therefore, young people diimbau be careful if you want to menato and menindik member body.

According to the Chairman of the Indonesian Heart Research Excellence Budihusodo, Tuesday (14 / 4), when contacted in Jakarta, which they ditindik or high risk ditato contagious viral hepatitis.

This condition is caused most tattoos and pierced using a sterile or not be used alternately. When someone ditato or ditindik tools tercemar with hepatitis virus, it infected the virus is susceptible. "Hepatitis spread through blood and body fluids," he said.

In addition to tattoos and pierced with a tool that tercemar virus, hepatitis can be spread through sexual relationships with the patients without hepatitis, blood transfusion, and injections. On hepatitis A, can be spread through food that is tercemar virus.

"They are also high-risk infection among drug users needle, blood transfusion recipients, and health care workers," said Superior. New born babies are also at risk of being infected from the mother of hepatitis.

Therefore, the hepatitis infection is estimated to increase the line the more people who ditato, ditindik, and syringe sharing among drug users. "Over 80 percent of drug users needle contagious hepatitis," said Superior.

Development of the disease also affected the history of chronic hepatitis in the family, excessive use of alcohol, and perlemakan heart. "Therefore, mengonsumsi habit of alcohol on people must be stopped," he said.


Hepatitis is a liver infection by hepatitis virus. Some types of hepatitis is found that many hepatitis A, B, and C. In Indonesia, 2-4 percent of the total number of people suffering from hepatitis C, or 4-8 million people. Hepatitis B cases number 5-10 percent of the population.

Chairman of the Working Group Ministry of Health Hepatitis Ali Sulaiman explains, hepatitis A is acute, do not become chronic, and can be recovered perfectly. Only about 0.5 percent of patients who experienced acute attacks to result in fatal or dangerous to life safety.

This is different from hepatitis B and C, including chronic liver disease or chronic. If not treated properly, the sufferer may experience liver cirrhosis within 15-30 years infected with the hepatitis virus, and even liver cancer.

However, many people do not know that hepatitis infection is usually because there is no symptoms. As a result of many people, so infection can cause chronic or permanent heart trouble, even the form of heart failure and cirrhosis liver cancer.

Infection ganda

In addition, patients may suffer more than one type of hepatitis. Ganda some type of infection of hepatitis virus diwaspadai concomitant need to increase the number of some cases of hepatitis and HIV transmission.

In outbreaks of hepatitis A in several countries in the world have found cases of hepatitis infection ganda. In Shanghai, China, for example, of 300,000 people, there are a number of people who have hepatitis infection ganda.

They are exposed to some high-risk types of virus hepatitis, among others, needle drug users and HIV. Those infected with hepatitis since early also at risk of suffering some type of hepatitis if not immediately treated medically.

"The percentage to be heavy or severe conditions on the infection of hepatitis ganda is more than one type of hepatitis," said Ali. If not treated properly, the condition that it will accelerate the journey to experience complications and function of heart failure, even death.

"When someone suffers ganda hepatitis infection, the disease becomes cirrhosis and liver cancer so quickly, that is less than 10 years since infection ganda is suffering," said Superior.

Patients can suffer more than one disease simultaneously hepatitis, both hepatitis A and B or C, and hepatitis B and C. However, there are also people exposed to one type of hepatitis followed by a new type of hepatitis that is called super-infection and more difficult to be cured.

"Because hepatitis A is acute, the doctor usually first to handle the new disease and treat other types of hepatitis," he said. Hepatitis A symptoms can appear within one month since infected yellow, among others, such as the flu syndrome.

To prevent the occurrence of infection ganda, people with hepatitis A and C should be vaccinated hepatitis B. People with hepatitis B or C also recommended a vaccination hepatitis A. The hepatitis C vaccine has not been found.

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