Monday, July 6, 2009

Hottest and Sexiest Tattoo Designs For Females

Tattoos not only be by the men only. Now many women also like the tattoo. Even some of them have a feel more sexy when wearing tattoos.

Of course what is sexy is really in the eye of the beholder and what might be sexy to one person could be trashy to another. Also when ever a person is considering getting a tattoo it is pretty common knowledge that they should not just get a tattoo based on someone else opinion of it being sexy or cool. So as always with any body art and tattoo design use your own judgment here. However, there are for sure some trends int tattooing and especially tattoos designs for females that are hot right now. I am not just talking about the over done lower back tattoo design either. There are a ton of great tattoo designs out there that are sexy, feminine and cute for women and girls alike. So here are some of the top all time favorites.

Floral Tattoo Designs

Floral tattoo designs are very popular right now and have been traditionally thought of as a very feminine and sexy tattoo. Back int he old days it was the rose on the breast area. Then in the 90's and early part of this decade it was the lower back tattoo with a flower in the middle. Whatever floral tattoo design you choose you really can not go wrong with such a timeless tattoo. Floral tattoo designs work very well to accentuate the beauty of a women's body. The curves and lines of a flower and its stem work perfectly to accentuate in just the right areas. Of course many women love flowers from very early on so a flower tattoo design just works perfectly. They are also very flexible and can be tattooed almost anywhere on the body and they have many different bright and beautiful colors.

Japanese Tattoo Designs

Japanese tattoos are really hot right now and the traditional koi in the water and chrysanthemum, peony, and cherry blossom all can easily be tied in to make a very exotic, sensual and beautiful tattoo design. This is a very new trend and is pretty cutting edge but more and more women and men are turning to traditional Japanese tattoo designs. The bright colors and full action in these convey a lot of depth and motion making for a very eye catching and beautiful tattoo design.

Butterfly Tattoo Designs

Butterflies have of course long been a favorite tattoo for women. It of course can be added to many of the above tattoo designs that are hot like the flower. There is just something magical about the transformation from a caterpillar into a butterfly that is captivating. Also the beautiful land striking colors of a butterfly and her wings works perfectly into a graceful flower and colorful tattoo design for a female.

Star Tattoo Designs

Stars are also a traditional tattoo design and especially nautical stars or the north star which was used by sailors for navigating home and has become a symbol for individuality and luck. Stars can be done in clusters or as single falling stars with bright tails. Either way a star is something that men have gazed at for centuries and your tattoo will be no different.

Fairy Tattoo Designs

Again there is something just magical about fairies that is eye catching. The little bit of pixie dust, the small cute size and the beautiful wings all make this magical little sprite come alive when tattooed onto the body. They are very flexible in their design and can be made to look cute and shy or hot and sexy. Either way a fairy tattoo is always a good choice.

By : Phie

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