Saturday, November 7, 2009

Celtic Tattoo Art and Tribal Cross Tattoos

Two of the most popular tattoos and also some of my favourite types of tattoos are tribal crosses and Celtic art. The reason for this probably lies in their rich cultural heritage. While some people choose a design that is trendy at a particular time the risk is that they will become so popular that within a small amount of time they will go out of fashion. A Celtic or tribal design is different in that it has a rich history that goes back hundreds of years.

Even though tattoos have become increasingly popular over recent years they have a long history which goes back to ancient times. They have been particularly potent for many tribes and represent a number of different traits and groups. For these reasons many feel that selecting a Celtic or tribal cross will actually hold more cultural meaning than other possibilities like stars or cartoon characters.

Another reason for their popularity is that a number of musicians have chosen these designs and this gives them an association with rebellion and free spirits. The use of tribal art around the upper arm has been in fashion for about 20 years and does not look likely to change. These are the types of designs that are constantly in vogue.

A popular twist on both Celtic and tribal cross designs has been to add a modern feel to the tattoo so it brings it up to date and can add some originality. This could be done by giving it a more cartoon feel or creating a more abstract image from the basis of the original. The good thing about doing this is that you can still have a classic image but it is unlikely that you will come across many others with the same image. You tip your hat to ancient traditions while maintaining a contemporary feel this way.

The final option is where you intend to place the tattoo. A tribal cross has long been used on the upper arm to great effect and if you are unsure this is always a good place to start. The more adventurous of you may consider a back tattoo but this is not for everyone. Celtic tattoo art can work almost everywhere in my opinion as they can be resized and shaped to suit any area of the body. If you want to keep it safe and simple though the arm is a great look that always works.

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