Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Nice Skull Tattoo Designs

Skull Tattoo Designs 1Personally, I do not find a tattoo of a skull to my taste. However, there are so many types of tattoos skull, and design, which seems, some people DO like them! I came across a painting of the skull with odd-looking googly, cartoon eyes, and skulls with nothing but emptiness in the sockets. Some have been surrounded by vines and thorns (with banners written words under the skull). Most seem to be surrounded by fire, as if the skull came from the fire (Think Nicholas Cage in Ghost Rider!).Skull Tattoo Designs 2 Some believe that the skull tattoos represent a negative connotation such as fear of the unknown, or a future full of uncertainty. This also has suggested that it is an attempt to protect carriers from the dead skull tattoo. I have a theory myself, comes from an experience with a skull tattoo bearer. Her belief is closer to a simple statement: "Mess with me or what I am, and you're dead!" Okay, so maybe some experts have called ignoring the underlying intimidation factor. But, however, there seems to be hundreds - if not thousands - of tattoo ideas in the books of many tattoo shops allow customers to opt out of. Many tattoo skull also coincided with the description of the Grim Reaper - a creature sent to collect the souls of the dead, and with the depth of the soul into the afterlife. Funny about the Grim Reaper, though. Skull Tattoo Designs 3This may be regarded as carriers of death, or evil in some ways, but - if the ancient stories hold some truth - the Grim Reaper is meant to be neutral between good and evil. A colleague of mine Motorcycles have a tattoo of the Grim Reaper. Has a skull face, no eyes, but a very fascinating leer on his face. In the crescent (curved knifelike instrument known to reap wheat - hence, the Grim Reaper), he has a date of 6-14-89. This date brings a very sensitive meaning for him. That was the day his childhood best friend gave in to the wounds he suffered in a motorcycle accident. So, before I'm too judgmental about the (what I find sometimes gruesome) skull tattoo, I'll always have to remember that there is a reason and a story behind every tattoo. I am sure that there are many people in this world who find a fairy tattoo lewd (and I've been told that before), so I really should not throw stones when it comes to preferential ideals for tattoo design!.

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Skull Tattoo Designs

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