Friday, November 6, 2009

Temporary Tattoo Craze With Henna Tattoos

Beach goers, summer lovers, and party goers consider body paintings as part of their get-up. Not all however are brave enough to have a tattoo that is permanently marked in their bodies. So as a replacement to the real thing, they result to henna tattoos. This is composed of a washable ink that can last for days depending on how you care for it.

Like the real tattoos, an artist is the one creating the drawing and markings to be inked in any parts of the body. But unlike the real ones, it does not come in many colors. Mostly it appears in shades of black and brown. Tribal or ethnic designs are among the popular henna tattoo styles. Swirls of lines, names or words, and simple figures are those that they choose from. Even the kids can have these types of tattoos since it is considered to be safe and it eventually wears off especially if you constantly wash and scrub it with soap.

The price to have a henna tattoo is relatively cheap. At times, in some beach resorts there is a booth that says HENNA TATTOO to where you can have one and make that as part of your get-up for the day. Some youngsters would even get it off of their allowances just to have this type of body accessory. It creates a fun and hip mood to party-goers as well. Since it is just temporary, they can have big designs that almost cover their entire body.

How to remove this off your body is quite easy. Just scrub it with regular soap on several sessions since once is not enough to completely take it off. Do not overdo the scrubbing because it might already irritate your skin. Some make-up remover such as toners can also be used to lighten the ink before washing it off with soap and water.

Tattoos, whether permanent or impermanent, are truly pieces of art. It is a form of creative expression that provides a certain mood. It also becomes an avenue for the younger generation to show their imagination through artistic designs.

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