Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Nice Dragon Tattoo Designs

Nice Dragon Tattoo Designs 1Dragon can be found in hundreds of cultural mythology and ancient shown in the image and engravings from every corner of the world. Because of the cultural diversity of each faith, there are a lot of meaning behind this beautiful tattoo. Depending on the cultural history of the dragon tattoo you'll have ink on your body, you can wear a symbol of wisdom and gentle kindness or fire-eating enemies ready to fight. Legend has always been portrayed as a hero to slay the dragon and save the castle or village from total destruction, and winning the heart of a fair girl. In Chinese culture, the dragon symbolizes the lightning, thunder and rain, which, in their ancient understanding, represent the unifying element of the earth and water or fertility. Nice Dragon Tattoo Designs 2Traditional Japanese tattoos are often about the balance and the various characteristics of yin and yang. Dragon, in Japanese tattoos, is often described with other symbols that represent a good balance and duality found in the yin and yang. Another aspect of the dragon, in the Far East, are they a good representation of the four points of the compass or the symbols of the nature of water, earth, the underworld and the sky. The Gnostics, who started the philosophical and religious movements in the pre-Christian, believe in the spiritual nature that lives within us all and rely on the understanding and knowledge of God. Their beliefs about natural disasters ranging dragons and the Spirit of God. Fiery dragon they can conquer all things. Ancient Emperor and the kings of Celtic dragon symbolized trust, a life that brings order and prosperity of their kingdom.Nice Dragon Tattoo Designs 3 Very old documents and pictures about strong leaders who are often portrayed them as a heavenly dragon sitting on the throne. The Dragon is considered born of water can be credited with fun activities and friendly, like the boiling springs and waterfalls, but they also drown people according to the ancient understanding. Great horned dragon living under the water, calling people to their watery graves, if you read the original trust and the myth of the American East. Water dragons have jewels glittering lightning flashes can be found in the legends of Cambodia. The thunder and the power to bring rain is often believed to derive from the pearl held in the dragon's mouth. Paintings of the medieval St George's filled with dragon-like sea.

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Dragon Tattoo Designs

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