Sunday, November 15, 2009

Kids and Tattoos

I know I wrote a post earlier this week about letting your children get a tattoo when they are of age. But I wanted to touch on this topic as well. First of all when your children are little and beg you to put a temporary tattoo on them you do it without thinking twice. But is the only reason you do this is because you know it will wash off in a couple of days? I mean yes I understand that real tattoos and temporary tattoos are not the same thing by all means. But if you are not careful your children may fall in love so much with those temporary tattoos that they will want a real one when they turn 18. So my question is to everyone out there, should you let your children where temporary tattoos if you have a problem with them wanting to get a real one, one day?

I for one will vouch for this. I always wanted a tattoo since I was like 8 or so. And of course I always wanted to wear temporary tattoos because I wanted one so bad. And in case you are wondering, yes I wear temporary tattoos until I got my real one.

So parents you may want to think twice about wetting down the temporary tattoo and applying it to your child's skin because the next words that come out of their mouth could be, "I want a real tattoo." I guess you can hope they either grow out of it or forget about it. But if your kids are like me they will have that love for tattoos their whole life.

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