Saturday, February 14, 2009

Design Italian Tattoos for Body

There seems to be a large audience interested in tattoos written in foreign languages. From Celtic to Egyptian, and Japanese to Native American (tribal), the array or writing is almost limitless. In more recent years, the Italian language has taken a step forward into the world of tattoos. Originating in the bigger cities of New York, Chicago, Boston, Miami, and San Francisco, the idea of Italian inspired tattoos has swept the nation. From simpler tattoos such as their National flag or several word sentences, to full back or full sleeve covers, it seems that this is one trend definitely here to stay!

The largest problem with breaking through the language barrier, is making sure the tattoo reads correctly. One mix up in the lettering and your work of art becomes a work of hilarity! Take pesca and pesce. The word pesca means “peace”, which is a word that many people like to add to tattoos. However, the word pesce may look similar, but it means “fish”! How about the word amare meaning “love”, whereas the term amaro means “bitter”! It seems that the most logical way to avoid such catastrophic mistakes would be to do lots and lots of research. After all, when you are “inked”, it is something that needs to be deep, meaningful, and special to you personally. It certainly should, since it is meant to be a permanent fixture on your body!

Italy has an opulent history of one subject – LOVE (AMARE). You have the romantic gondolas that float happy couples up and down the waterways. You have the fantastic paintings upon the Sistine Chapel. Moreover, what is better than that of the cuisine – from Margehrita pizzas in Northern Italy, to the sauces that accompany pasta dishes in Southern Italy? (A bit of cuisine history – red pasta sauces are native to Southern Italy, and white pasta sauces are native to Northern Italy!)

From the famous attitude attributed to rocky Balboa (the Italian Stallion); to Sophia Loren’s famously voluptuous physique, the ambiance and sexiness of the Italian people can also be constructed into Italian designed tattoos. Many of the Italian tattoos originated in the world of gangs and penal facilities. If there were one way to decipher the true loyalty of a gang member, a tattoo would certainly do it! However, the bad-boy-gang-banger-tattoos eventually transcended into the common public, only with a slight twist. No longer utilizing the darker phrases that exemplified a gang member, the Italian language in tattoos began to lean more toward the lovey-dovey side.

Now, words such as “Beauty” (bella), “Love” (amare), “Peace” (pesca), and “Forever” (per sempre), have taken over, alluding to the Italian life of passion and relaxation. The more recent tattoos designed in Italian; tend to lean toward the “_____ Forever”-types. Whether it says Live Forever (In Tensione Per Sempre), or is a single word under a larger tattoo, it seems that the Italian language has not only seeped into American culture, but literally into our skin as well!

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