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Kanji Tattoos Japanese Symbols Characters and Art

Kanji Tattoos

If you are thinking about getting some Japanese Kanji Tattoos done, please read this first to get a better understanding of the Japanese Language and Kanji Symbols Characters system.

The Japanese alphabet characters and writing system is very complex unlike English and many other languages. The Japanese language uses 3 different types of alphabet character symbols or scripts which are called Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji. These 3 Japanese alphabets are all used for different purposes in everyday Japanese Language.

The Japanese Hiragana script is smooth with lots of curves in the character pattern and very common in daily Japanese use which is used for many reasons including verbs and nouns.

The Japanese Katakana script is reserved mainly for foreign names like Mike, James, Samantha and Cindy and also for borrowed foreign words which are used quite frequently in Japan.

Some typical borrowed foreign words used in Japan are Salary Man, the Japanese would pronounce this Sarary Man and Television which would be pronounced Terebi. These typical borrowed words would be written in Katanaka. Katakana is also used sometimes in other common words such as Company names.

Many people decide to get Kanji Tattoos done on there body for many reasons. The Kanji Symbols looks unique, mysterious and gives an elegant Japanese Symbols design. Kanji Tattoos or other Japanese Tattoo Symbols used such as Hiragana or Katakana can mean very personal things to many people.

We have heard horror stories of many people obtaining Kanji Symbols from computer generated software on the internet. The translations for these Kanji Tattoos in many cases are inaccurate and misleading. Some English words converted to Japanese Kanji or other scripts can mean horrible and stupid definitions which would not make sense at all to Japanese.

One of the most important factors often overlooked by many people when deciding to get Kanji Tattoos or other Japanese Symbols tattooed is accuracy and an error free Kanji Symbols translation for the actual Japanese Tattoos script. In many cases Japanese Kanji Symbols cant be used in complicated English words, names and phrases. In this case we use other Japanese Character scripts such as Hiragana and Katakana for the Kanji Symbols Tattoo translation instead.

Accuracy is extremely vital when getting worded tattoos done especially in a foreign language which many people don't understand. You must either learn the Japanese language to ensure accuracy for your Kanji Tattoos or get professionals to do your Kanji Symbols translation for you.

If you are going to get Kanji Symbols tattoo's on your body, please ensure you have the correct translations and meanings for your chosen words before your Kanji Tattoos get inked permanently.

Japanese Kanji Symbols are unique and can be very personalized and meaningful depending on what one prefers to get inked on there body.

We offer a Kanji Dictionary for Tattoos where you can browse several common Kanji Symbols for viewing. But the number of free Kanji Tattoo Symbol translations listed are limited. If you would like to get your English word or phrase accurately translated into Japanese Kanji, Hiragana or Katanaka script, please see more details here on Kanji Tattoos

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