Saturday, February 14, 2009

Female Tattoos Galleries - Find Your Perfect Tattoos

An excellent place to find your perfect tattoo is a female tattoo gallery. The convenience, selection and various styles make it an ideal one stop shop for finding a great design. Here are various choices for female tattoo galleries.

Free female tattoo galleries online.

There are some free galleries which have a hodgepodge of various generic designs. If you want something simple and straightforward, this might be your best bet. But, you may miss out on some real pretty designs in other galleries online, which have much larger selections, and much higher quality designs.

Female Only Galleries

Female only galleries are strictly for designs which are considered feminine. You'll find butterfly designs, flower designs, and fairy designs as well as much more. There's usually a membership fee to get access into the gallery, but after that you have free reign to roam around and check out the girl tattoo designs.

Female and Male Galleries.

This is really my personal preference for tattoo galleries online. You not only get female tattoo designs, but you get to check out male designs and "neutral' designs which could go either way and are still definitely unique and beautiful. Personally, I hate to miss out on any great designs, and actually many of the men designs I've actually bookmarked for consideration later! These galleries also tend to have a much larger selection, constantly update their site, and since they attract both women and men, there designs are always of high quality, award winning stature.

Whatever you decide, it's definitely worth researching a gallery to find the perfect tattoo design!

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