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Lower Back Tattoos for Women

Cultures throughout the world have used lower back tattoos on their bodies for thousands of years to express tribal loyalty, sexual virility and even economic success.

In the early 1990's, young women in the U.S. and England began having tattoos placed on their lower backside, following the curve of the spine below the waist.

While some of these tattoos are small (measuring only a few inches in width and length), others are more prominent, reaching to either side of the female's hips.

The reasons for getting these tattoos are varied, but begin with an overview of the meaning behind the art.

A Deeper Meaning

The area of the body on which lower back tattoos are placed is often thought to contain hidden stored energy called "kundalini."

This word is considered to mean a form of energy with snake-like mannerisms.

In some cultures, the snake symbolizes a "Mother Goddess" entity.

In other cultures, it represented a unique feminine force or power.

As a result, when women began requesting these types of tattoos on their lower back, the designs often reflected serpent-like qualities.

Modern Designs And Symbols

lower back tattoos

As lower back tattoos grew in popularity, the designs gradually changed from the original snake-like designs to other symbols.

Some women chose to have a lotus flower displayed, representing a level fertility and divinity.

Others chose a design that reflected a upward-spiraling energy force that symbolized a desire for perfect melding in consciousness with a person's surroundings.

Still others opted for animals of various sorts, each communicating different qualities.

For example, dragons implied trouble while lions represented pride and courage.

Today, young women opt for designs that are playful, sexy and communicate confidence and sexual attractiveness.

Modern designs include black stars that are symmetrical, Celtic tribal symbols that attract attention from males and ornate purple designs that emphasize smooth curves and beauty.

Getting Tattoo Ideas

lower back tattoos

You can find ideas for lower back tattoos both online and offline. Many websites exist that display designs that others are using.

These often include photos of the bodies on which the tattoos have been placed.

You can also purchase books online or at any bookstore that compiles pictures of tattoo designs.

Another great place to get ideas is to ask the professional tattoo artist that will be giving you the tattoo.

These artists are exposed to many designs that you may have never considered.

They can offer advice about which designs would likely be best-suited for you.

Though tattoos have been used throughout the world for various reasons, tattoos placed on the lower back area is a relatively new trend in modern cultures.

The history behind these tattoos is just as interesting as how women's use of them to communicate various messages has been modified over the past several years.

Today, finding creative designs that spark the imagination is literally at your fingertips.

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