Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Tattoos Artist Profile

I was always into tattoos. All my father's friends had Vietnam shit and I would stare at them as a little kid. I thought it was the coolest. I couldn't wait to get one.
I am into traditional American. One point tattoos, old school, new school but I also dig Japanese. I really don't have one favorite - more like one least favorite.....TRIBAL.
Tattoo Artists That Have Inspired You Most: Ed hardy, Martin lacasse, Horiyoshi lll, Mike Rubendall, Kore Flatmo
Secular Artists That Have Inspired You Most: Picasso, Dali
Other Hobbies and Interests: I no longer have any other interests. Tattooing is my life.
How and Where to Contact You: The Devil's Den
1265 Montauk Hwy
Copiague, NY 11726
Words of Wisdom from Joe Ferzola: If someone is thinking about learning to tattoo, study up on it before you start. Practice drawing tattoos not drawings!!! Understand what a tattoo is made up of. And have some balls and tattoo yourself first.

If someone is looking to get a tattoo, shop around, look at as many portflios as you can - go online, find a style that you are interested in and talk to your artist, be specific in what it is that you want and have them draw a sketch for you. That usally requires a down payment - but that shit is going on your body for the rest of your life so....smarten up!

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